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Genesis Stickman

A genesis stickman is the V1 launch of Stickman Saga. Holding a genesis stickman will grant you exclusive access to the Corporate Benefits, Events, Alpha Access and Charity Trips. Your genesis stickman will be the in-game character for the upcoming Stickman Saga video game.


We want to improve the lives of the Stickman holders, so we have partnered with a company to offer corporate benefits to every Stickman Holders. We want our holders to see an immediate IRL benefit of holding a stickman, we provide these benefits to make everyone’s lives just a little better. Once you mint your stickman you will receive access to instructions on how to start using your stickman benefits in our discord.
Here are a few discount highlights: Marriott, Delta, Southwest, Hyatt, Hertz, Ski Resorts, AMC, Cinemark, DisneyLand, DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, Six Flags, New Cars, Used Cars, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Appliances, Disney +, Hulu, Postmates, Nike, T-Mobile, Broadway Shows, Justin Bieber Concerts, Billie Ellish Concerts, Coachella, EDC Festival, Bad Bunny Concerts, MLB Games, NFL Games, NBA Games. Plus 1000+ more retailers.


We will be holding exclusive Stickman Saga Holder parties around the country and hopefully internationally as we expand our community. The key to entering these parties will be holding a Stickman. The team will communicate with Stick holders about plans to throw these parties and receive feedback and where and when we should hold them.

Alpha Access

We will be dropping V2 collections along with weapon drops and airdrops. Stickman holders will automatically have early access to all these future drops, along with inside contact and communication on future roadmap progress or updates from the team. Stickman holders will be the first to know/ have access to these big updates. We will also be collaborating with some exclusive projects and our Stickman holders will have exclusive access to early access or insider to these collaborations.

Charity Trip

The Stickman community will partner with Maji, a non-profit organization, to host a Stickman holders charity trip. A portion of the funds from mint and post mint will be allocated to fund this trip. It will be a yearly trip. The team will announce requirements to join and will work with Maji and the Stickman community to decide what service opportunities to pursue.