Gen3 gaming is a decentralized blockchain gaming platform and launchpad. We are building an ecosystem of NFT games beginning with the StickmanSaga project. This will be the first in a series of games that brings to life NFT projects in easy, fun play to earn games. The ecosystem will be based around the $GEN3 token which will be the in-game currency for the games built on this platform, this will boost the utility of the token instead of being tied to one project or game. Each NFT project within the ecosystem will have its own game where the NFT holders can drop in themselves to play the game or stake their NFT for others to play. Each game will be play to earn and cost $GEN3 to play, with the chance to earn more $GEN3 through winning in the game, each game will have its own dynamic ecosystem on how to win or earn more $GEN3.

It will be a game launchpad for existing NFT projects to provide utility to their community and associate themselves with a top tier web3 gaming platform increasing the value of their NFTs.

The GEN3 Team will only roll out 1 in-house NFT project/ game every year. To augment the in-house games/ projects our team will create, we will be partnering with other existing NFT projects to build them a game to complement their project and provide utility to their community on our platform. This will include building out a simple platform game for their community to play to earn $GEN3 token. Our hope is for the platform and $GEN3 token to be valuable enough for projects wanting to build with us because of the value it adds to their project and to their community. We will begin with our flagship NFT project StickmanSaga, a wagering based PvP battle arena. Within the first year we plan to roll out 3-4 games with other projects as well as integrate Stickman saga onto our larger gaming platform. Leveraging existing projects will allow us to tap into their communities without having to rebuild a community for every project.

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