Saga is a blockchain-based PvP, battle area game.

Inspired by titles like Super Smash Bros and Brawlhalla, Stickman Saga allows players to battle, wager, earn STIX tokens, and defeat opponents with their unique Stickman NFT.

Stickman Saga NFTs have aesthetic variations in hair/hats, eye color, clothing, skin color, etc. Each Stickman has an unique combination of these traits. They also carry a weapon. The weapon your Stickman has will determine your play style. The rarity of each Stickman is based on their traits and the weapon it holds. Stickman Saga NFT holders cab purchase additional weapons in the in-game store.

The gameplay will be similar to that of Super Smash Bros with options to play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or in a 6-player FFA. There will be two different game modes: ‘Play-to-Earn’ which will be a free-to-play Battle Arena, where people will win $STIX just for playing. The other is Kill-to-Earn, the ranked Battle Arena that will cost $STIX to play. This will be more competitive and players stand to earn more $STIX for killing their opponents. See Battle Arena section for more information.

This will be the first title in a whole ecosystem of games, mini-games, and opportunities for Stickman Saga NFT holders.

Stickman Saga Genesis NFT Collection Consists of 5,555 Randomly Generated Stickman

NFT Contract Address: 0x0c052FDDebBE76697FaDF0A502db9eD54f210f87

www.opensea.io: https://opensea.io/collection/official-stickman-saga

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