Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Symbol: $STIX
Distribution: Staking Rewards: 500,000,000 $STIX Token will be distributed over 5 years to Stickman Saga NFT Holders. There is a set amount distributed everyday to the NFT Holders over the course of 5 years. If not 100% of the NFTs are being actively staked the leftover rewards will go back into the staking fund. In order to qualify for staking rewards you will need at least 2 stickmen.
Ecosystem & In-Game Rewards: 100,000,000 $STIX will be reserved for game winners and tournament winners. This will also be funded using a portion of lost Tokens will be put back in this fund to create a self sustained economy of winning and losing. We will also be drawing on this fund to run our ranked tournaments.
Community: 50,000,00 $STIX is allocated for community events, giveaways, community building activities. How this is used will be decided through a group vote and decision-making of stickman holders through consistent meetings.
Team, Founders, Advisors, and Investors : 200,000,000 $STIX will be allocated to the founders team members, advisors, and investors. This will be distributed to the by discretion of the founding members of Stickman Saga.
Private Round/Guild Round: 75,000,000 $STIX will be sold to Guilds, Investors, Market Makers at a discounted price to raise funds for the project and provide liquidity behind the coin.
Game Development: 25,000,000 $STIX will be allocated to continue to fund future game developments and mini games. The team will transparently release when and how these funds are spent. We will consult the community on the usage of these funds.
Public Sale: 25,000,000 $STIX will be available on exchanges to purchase.
Liquidity: 15,000,000 $STIX will be provided to liquidity providers for backing the coin.