$STIX Overview

What is $STIX

$STIX is the native token used in the Stickman Saga Ecosystem.

How is $STIX used?

$STIX is used in the game marketplace, merch shop, battle arena matches, meta royale, and future games.

How many $STIX exist in total?

There is a total of 1,000,000,000 $STIX that will ever exist. View Tokenomics

How is $STIX earned?

Holders of the Genesis Stickman Can Earn $STIX by staking, fighting, and playing.

Can I stake $STIX?

At this very moment users can stake their NFT to earn $STIX but can't stake $STIX token. The team is actively working to create a in game $STIX staking protocol.

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