Phase One

  • The Establishment of Stickman Saga

  • The Stickman Saga website and socials are launched.

  • The Doors of the Stickman Market Open

  • Game Development of the Battle Arena Begins

  • Release of The Saga Scrolls

Phase Two

  • Stickman Genesis Collection Drops (April 23rd)

  • Stickman Retail Discount Services Released

  • Launch of $STIX Staking Platform

  • Release of the Stickman Saga Marketplace

  • Beta Showing for the Stickman Saga Battle Arena

  • Season One of Stickman Merch Released

Phase Three

  • Release of the Stickman Saga Battle Arena

  • Battle Arena Season One Tournaments Begin

  • V2 Weapons Launch Date Announced

  • The Official Reveal of Baby Sticks

  • Launch of the on Platform Marketplace

  • Stickman Holders Charity Trip Announced

Phase Four

  • Battle Arena Season Two Begins

  • The Launch of Baby Sticks

  • Stickman Holders Charity Trip

  • 2023 Roadmap Released

  • Release of the In-Game Marketplace

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