Battle Arena

The Stickman Saga Battle Arena is a multi-platform, 2-D fighting stage like a combination of Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter. players will be able to play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or in a 6-person FFA. For each battle, the aesthetics and position of the platforms will randomly generate, making every battle stage unique. This will keep game play and meta-strategies fresh and constantly evolving. All Stickman NFTs will have a standardized complement of melee - punch, kick, and block. Because the fighting mode will be in 2-D fighting there will need to be the ability to attack and block left and right. Players will be able to add flair to the basic attacks combining them with jumping, sliding, and holding holding the attacks, all for increased damage. Along with the standard melee attacks, there will be various weapons that will accompany the Stickman (as depicted in the artwork in each Stickman Saga NFT). These include swords, throwables (i.e. throwing stars), daggers, hand guns, long range guns, two-handed axes, maces, clubs, lightsabers, etc. There are also some novel items, like a bag of money which can be swung at an opponent or a banana that shoots banana peels. A full list of weapons will be published with damage stats the week before beta release of the Battle Arena. The basic movement options in the game are walk, dash, run, crouch, jump, double jump, slide, and from a ledge, you’ll be able to catch, climb up, hang and drop. This accompanies the fighting movement as outlined

Game Reward System

There will be two different game modes Play-to-Earn and Kill-to-Earn. All match up types (1v1, 2v2, etc.) will be available in each mode. Play to Earn is the casual, free option for players looking to practice, test out new moves, collect small amounts of $STIX, or just kick back in a no-stakes gaming environment. All are welcome to here. While the in-game rewards in this mode will be modest, players will be able to earn enough to qualify for Kill-to-Earn after a few games. We will work with Guild Leaders and our community during. eta testing to establish balanced reward and matchmaking systems that rewards people for playing frequently and keep the gameplay exciting, allowing players to win more than they loose. Kill to Earn will be the competitive side of the Battle Arena. Each round will cost $STIX to play (amount TBD). Each player in the battle will contribute and funds will be saved in the Champion’s Purse.

In preparation for the release of the Battle Arena, Stickman Saga NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn $STIX. $STIX will also be available to purchase on the public market through UniSwap. For more on $STIX token, read the our Tokenomics

There will be 10 different ranking tiers each season, everyone will starts out at the lowest level. This level will cost the least to play and the rewards are the smallest. As players win matches, they will rank up to more competitive pools. As the rank increases, the cost to play and the rewards for winning increase as well. For the top tiers of Kill-to-Earn, the Stickman Saga Founders will regularly host $STIX and cash-prize tournaments.

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